Pulsar Collective

Berlin based electronic live band

We are a band of 4 live looping multi instrumentalists, creating an energetic and engaging electronic live performance. Each gig is a unique interpretation of our original musical ideas - no two shows will ever sound the same.

About the band

Equipped with two voices, a drum machine, synthesizers, percussions, guitar and bamboo saxophone, they seamlessly blend melodic techno, indie dance and breakbeats with wave, psychedelic rock and a touch of world music.

With the courage to venture into the unknown they create a playful and wild musical interaction on stage with the audience.

Band members

Gizem Akman
As a singer, Gizem brings the performative spirit into the band. Growing up in the multicultural city of Istanbul she combines a multitude of backgrounds: next to music she is professional in acting, theatre and dance. Her mellow voice and mysterious stage presence add a very unique touch to the band. On stage her close interaction with second vocalist Simon creates and engaging performance that’s both sassy and sensual.
Simon Schmidt
Simon aka Blindsmyth creates the melodic foundation of the music. Through the use of a custom DIY loop and FX station he transforms his dark eerie bariton and his hypnotic guitar riffs into mezmerizing soundscapes. In the studio he is the main producer and songwriter of the band. His releases on labels such as DIYNAMIC, KI Records and Connaisseur contribute years of experience in the electronic music world.
Karl Pannek
Karl was born in Poland and found his home in Berlin as developer in Music Tech. He creates the recognizable electronic backbone of the bands sound. Energetic electronic beats and driving basslines from his custom DIY synth provide a solid musical fundament for his colleagues. His focused and problem solving oriented mind has been shaping the bands sound and workflow ever since.
Ali Hasan
Ali's drumming blends oriental percussion and multi-instrumentalist skills with a contemporary flair. Over the past couple of years, he has been involved in many art projects in Berlin's creative scene. He continuously ignites the crowd with his unique expression of driving percussion grooves.

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Background story

Karl and Simon started Pulsar Collective with a simple idea: Improvising electronic music with no computers, no preprogrammed patterns or samples. Everything should be performed live in the moment.

What started as two nerds busking and jamming with their self built machines quickly grew into a collective of musicians from diverse backgrounds. Performing on festivals such as Fusion and Detect Classic they gathered a small community of enthusiasts around them that would help them set up their first own events in 2021 and develop their sound.

2022 was a forming year of Pulsar Collective as a Band: the project consolidated into a fixed constellation adding Gizem Akman as vocalist and Ali Hasan as percussionist to the group. They also started writing their own material and doing professional studio recordings.

Live sets

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